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The Two-Sentence Listing Presentation Close

Jul 9, 2019 9:48:21 AM



Don’t Need a Full Listing Presentation? Try a Two-Sentence Close.

In some cases, the full listing presentation is not necessary. That’s when I do what I like to call the two-sentence close if they're ready to list with you. If they're not interviewing somebody else, and they're committed to working with you after you've built rapport and looked at the home, they might be anxious to get started.

So, you can ask two questions before you pull out your tablet or laptop, whatever it is that you use for your listing presentation, and see what they have to say. If they say yes, just list the home!

If they say no or that they are interviewing other agents and want to see what you have to say, then continue the listing presentation as planned. 

Here’s what I'd recommend saying before you pull out your listing presentation:

“My goal is to sell your home for the most money possible in a timeframe that is acceptable to you. Does that sound good to you?”

After you say it, be quiet. Look them in the eye and wait for the answer. If they say yes, move on and list the home.

Also, if they say yes, you’ll need to determine their motivation or the reason they need to sell their home. Try asking this:

“So tell me again, how soon do you want to sell?”

The reason you're asking this question is that you want them to elaborate on why they need to sell. It can be a bummer if they aren’t motivated, but truthfully, if they are ready to get started, they’re probably motivated. They may respond with something like, “We just got a job relocation and we need to be out of here in two months, so we want to sell this thing ASAP,” or, “We're moving to a new home, and we already bought it, and we need to be out of here before the kids start school.”

Whatever that answer is, connect with their reason and timeframe. Then say: “So, just to confirm, you need to sell within the next three months because you're relocating for a new job, is that correct?” That's when you pull out the listing agreement. Start with the smaller commitments. I wouldn't recommend you start with discussing your commission or the listing price because those are bigger obstacles to get through.

Instead, start with the disclosure agreement, or just anything to “check off” on the list, because the further they get into the process, the more committed they are to listing with you and the harder it is for them to back out when they get to the commission or the listing price. 

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