The Easiest Way To Increase Your Listing Presentation Conversion

This is the number one thing you need to do to dramatically boost your listing presentation conversion. It’s not that complicated. But, hardly anyone every does this.

It’s not that complicated. But, hardly anyone every does this.

Prove that not all agents are the same.

Here's an example. I know of a guy who is extremely business savvy. He runs a multi-million dollar business with 30 employees.

He’s tremendously sales savvy, has been in sales for twenty years and has plenty of experience selling all sorts of different products.

And yet, this guy couldn't figure out which agent was better than the other agents.

All the agents looked pretty much the same to him.

He didn't know enough about real estate to figure it out. Even though he knows how to sell something, he still didn't realize that selling your house is the same as selling anything else.

The realtor’s job is to sell the house.

Anyways, what he ended up hiring the top agent in his area. This agent sells the most houses in his area.

I don't know exactly how he found the agent. I think he checked out the different realtors… found the person who sells the most homes in his area… and just hired that agent.

He interviewed several different people, but nobody blew him away. Nobody showed him why they were different. As a result, he just hired the biggest agent.

He figured they would get him the best results.

Here's how I avoid appearing as the same as everyone else. 

When I meet with a seller, I show them that real estate is not all luck. There actually is stuff that a realtor can do to get a seller a better result.

The first thing I do in my presentation is I do show where I was able to sell a house that another realtor was not able to sell. But, I also do this:

I show them that not all homes sell for what they are technically worth.

Here’s how I do that. I went into my local marketplace and I found a neighborhood where just about every single house is identical.

I found a neighborhood where the developer built all the houses almost exactly the same. This developer had a really good location.

Since the location was so good, he built almost all of the houses with exactly the same floor plan.

I guess he thought, “Hey the location's so good, we don't have to make them that different. We'll just build a really basic floor plan that everybody will like fairly well. That will sell.”

Guess what. He was correct. They did sell pretty well.

So, this neighborhood is the perfect statistical case study that proves that identical homes sell for different prices.

Here are the two houses that I show in my listing presentation:



Zillow thinks these houses are worth about the same amount of money. I may not agree with Zillow’s Values. But, I do agree that they are worth about the same amount of money.

I researched why these homes sold for different prices.

The only difference I can see between the two townhomes was that one was in better condition and the agent did a better job marketing it.

I am familiar with both properties. I used to live in this neighborhood. In fact, I lived right across the street from one of them.

Here is how to do the same thing in your marketplace:

Look for a similar neighborhood where all the homes are very similar. Neighborhoods with condos and townhomes are excellent for this.

Then, you can meet with a seller and tell them: “Not all homes sell for what they are technically worth. Look here's a condo that sold on the sixth floor of this building for $450,000.

A unit with exactly the same floor plan on the 4th floor sold for $498,000. That's a 10.7% difference in price. They had a similar amount of upgrades, etc.”

When you do this, the sellers are going to realize that real estate isn't all luck. The agent you hire matters.

There actually is a difference that your agent can make. If you hire the wrong agent it can cost you 5%, 10%, and maybe even 15%.

You don't need to geek out on data.

Just show them a quick example. You don't need to show them crazy stuff.

Just look for the smoking gun on some good examples. You don’t need to show extreme examples. 5-10% differences in price are adequate.



I show how I can do a better job at marketing their house.

I show them how my marketing plan will increase the odds of their house selling… and selling for more money.

I show them lots of case studies.

Let's say I'm sitting down with an expired.

I say, "Look at this house right here. There was a seller, her name was Sandy Adams. She was trying to sell her house.

She had it for sale for five months with a standard Realtor for 370,000 dollars. That was the asking price. Five months on the market, the house didn't sell. Then she hired me.

I put the house on the market at the same price, (370) and sold it 44 days later for 370. It was a big price reduction.

She didn't sell it for 325 or 350. She got the price that she thought was reasonable for selling her house.”

I show them that real estate is not luck.

Not all agents are the same.

It's not all luck. There actually is something to this. The Realtor you hire can get you a better result.

I show them that they may not get a fair price for their house – if it isn’t marketed properly.

And, since I have great marketing, I might actually be able to sell it for more than another Realtor. Or I'm going to sell it faster.

I show them how I will do a better job at marketing their house.

I go through all the different things that I do differently to get more buyers interested in the house.

Here’s a quick list of the things I do differently that cause homes to sell for more money:

  • I take excellent pictures.
  • I understand online marketing and how to “hook” the perfect buyer who will fall in love with their home.
  • I do special marketing that causes buyers to fall in love with their home… and happily pay their asking price.
  • I’m good at solving problems.

But, I don’t just hype things up. I back up everything I say with proof.

For example, when I’m talking about excellent pictures… I show them pictures of different houses.

While I'm sitting in the presentation I'll say, "Okay, look at this. Imagine you were looking for a house online and you've got these three houses right."

I show them three different houses.


Most of the people say either the top or bottom house.

When they do that… I’ve validated what I said. They just told me there's a difference in which house they're going to click on first.

I show actual case studies of how I sold a house that another agent was not able to sell and sold it without dropping the price.

I show them two different pictures of the same house. Then, I ask them which one they think looks better.

I talk about “charm”… and how I will find their home’s natural “charm” and showcase it. I show them how charm can sell a house.

Bottom line, I take everything that I do… and show how it will get more buyers interested in their house. And it works.

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can build a presentation that does all these things.

You can build it out yourself. Or, you can use mine. It’s completely built out and it that talks about all of these things.

If you’d like to get your own copy of my listing presentation, then just go to:

(Turn over to the next page to see

everything that is included inside the

“Instant Listing Presentation.”)

Here are some of the things that my “Instant Listing Presentation” has already built into it.

  • It talks about the seven different things that I do differently from other Realtors that causes my listings to sell for more money.
  • It has data with specific examples that prove that not all real estate is luck.
  • I show them how I will use a commonly overlooked service to post their home to 100+ different websites.
  • I show how I use “Ad Agency Marketing” to sell houses that other agents are not able to sell. (The Listing Presentation comes with training on how to quickly and easily do this yourself.)
  • I have examples of homes with good pictures (mine) and bad pictures from another agent.
  • I explain how the pictures caused the home to sell…
  • I have good examples of exactly what a “charming” picture is. And then I show the contrast of a good quality picture and a “charming” picture.
  • I show them several different case studies and present them in a way that the sellers understand how you are different.

You can get this entire presentation for $97. You can customize it to how you do business… and your marketplace.

If you’d like to get your own copy of my listing presentation, then just go to:


 avatar_joe Joe Nickelson is a real estate professional dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers achieve their dreams of owning property, and helping real estate agents stop using the sometimes-vicious tactics that weigh on their consciences. He believes that the Smart Agents books will, quite literally, change people’s lives for the better. Check out his full bio here

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