How Mark Doubled His Close Rate On Listing Presentations

Mark is a successful agent. But last year, he was averaging a 45% close rate on listing appointments. He started using the book and doubled his close rate to 90% on average.

Real Estate Gifts To Increase Referrals

Giving a gift to a client after a transaction is a common thing for agents to do. And for a good reason.

By Charles White| September 27th, 2017 |Categories: Client Relations, prospecting, referrals, closing, gifts | 1 Comment

Avoiding Closing Scams

After a sale is made, the buyers, sellers and agents begin the process of signing and transferring legal documents. Over the last couple of years, more and more cases of scams and hackers...

By Charles White| October 10th, 2016 |Categories: Agents, Client Relations, scams, closing | 0 Comments

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