Dealing With Rude Sellers

Are rude sellers driving you crazy?

Every agent has dealt with owners like this from time to time. Getting calls at 10 P.M. demanding attention right then and there. How do you deal with it if a...

By Charles White| September 28th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, Client Relations, owners | 0 Comments

Real Estate Gifts To Increase Referrals

Giving a gift to a client after a transaction is a common thing for agents to do. And for a good reason.

By Charles White| September 27th, 2017 |Categories: Client Relations, closing, gifts, prospecting, referrals | 1 Comment

Should a Realtor Have a Beard?

Yes, your appearance can make or break a sale. But does it actually matter?

I guess we’ll leave that question to the most important judge of a realtor, the customer.

By Charles White| August 23rd, 2017 |Categories: Agents, Client Relations, realtors | 8 Comments

What Owners Look For In a Realtor

If you know what owners look for in a realtor, you can tailor your efforts to highlight those qualities.

Most of these qualities are things that are discussed on this website a lot.

The Importance of Real Estate Testimonials

Testimonials are some of the most important parts of your marketing.

Why I Never Tell Sellers I'll Bring Them a Buyer

Should you tell sellers or potential clients you have a buyer?

Some agents love to tell sellers that they might bring them a buyer. I call it the “I have a buyer” listing strategy.

Best Real Estate Memes

Here are some of the best real estate memes from around the internet.

Feel free to repost any of them to you own social media accounts.

Memes can entertain other agents and also offer other people...

By Charles White| June 27th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, Client Relations, clients, memes | 0 Comments

5 Ways To Convince Owners Not To Listen to Zillow

I bet you're not a fan of Zillow. Most agents aren't. For good reason.

12 Tips for Being a Killer Closer

You know how important it is to close sellers and buyers on working with you.

Don’t Work With Buyers Unless They Commit With You

Working with buyers has a lot of benefits. It can set up listings down the road and improve your knowledge of the market.

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