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Robert Was Skeptical But Snagged $1 Million in Business!

Jul 13, 2018 2:16:40 PM


"All this in total is about over $1 million in business that I got from giving out these books."

Like a lot of our members, Robert was skeptical when he first ordered the books. But soon after handing them out, he started making a return on his investment. 

"I have actually given three books out, and I've gotten one buy on this, buyer rep agreement signed, and we're ready to go look at homes.

"I've also used it to get a listing — not just one, but two listings. One listing was for a rental property that he's looking to be sold, and he's asking me to take over a listing from an agent who was unsuccessful in selling his home."

Robert says the books were instrumental in landing him the listings, which total over $1 million. 

"The gentleman has looked at it, and he flipped through it and took a brief view and said, 'Wow, this is you. This is great. I've not seen this before.'"

The seller took the book home, called Robert back later the same day day and signed a listing agreement.

Listen to his full story here, and check out more success stories on our YouTube page! 







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