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Realtor Gets Owners to Call Her to List Their House without Prospecting

Feb 8, 2017 9:14:59 AM

Today we talked to Cindy, a Realtor from Colorado. Take a look and listen to see how she is using our program to get owners to call her up and ask to list with her.

We go over:

  • How she got 5 listings in 2 months from the books.
  • Cindy did not prospect, just placed them around town.
  • How the books do their own leg work.
  • She is becoming known around her town.



 Full Interview




Smart Agents:


How long have you been a realtor?


For ten years.
Smart Agents:


Ten years, and where are you located?


Smart Agents:


How long have you been a smart agents member?


I'd say about six months.
Smart Agents:


What motivated you to join with us?
Cindy: I've done some things in the past where I've utilized some quick courage programs, and it always made sense to me, and when the book idea came out, I really liked the idea of it.
Smart Agents:


How many listings have you got with the book?
Cindy: I've dropped my books off at hospitals and waiting rooms and things like that.
I'm just now starting the for sale by owner and the expired and the divorce.

I'd say I've probably gotten about five listings from them.


When I first got into it I went through and changed the letters and personalized the marketing plan and did all that kind of stuff. I've been dealing with the books now for about two months.

Smart Agents:


How you would use the books exactly and how you secured the listings.

What I did was dropped off books for waiting rooms at the local hospitals and car dealerships and dentist offices, that kind of thing. And I've received phone calls. I think I've gotten a total of five calls and each one of them listed with me. I sold their house.   


Three of them were upgrading to a different house and so I sold those houses as well. And I'm just now getting ready to close on the second part of those and then two of them were moving out of state and I actually referred them and got a referral fee on that, or will, when they close.

Smart Agents:


That's awesome.


It's worked out really well for me.
Smart Agents:


What do they say when they call?

They usually just say, "I saw your book at the hospital" or wherever they saw it and depending on their circumstances then they just start talking to me.


I just listen to them and listen to what they are wanting to do and that kind of thing and we just kind of build up a rapport with them and in all the cases I've had then they've just said "Would you mind working with me?"
And I've said, "No I'd be happy to." It's kind of gone in that order on all of them.

Smart Agents:


How much easier has it made your business?

What it's done for me is it's given me something that's working. So I'm now so focused on always trying to fill my pipeline.


I get the books out and then what I do is my husband goes out ... Actually he's the one that dropped them off for me.
He goes out every couple weeks and makes sure everybody still has them around cause obviously a lot of the time people will pick them up and take them home.
He just goes out and makes sure everyone's replenished. So now what happens is ...

You know how you're busy with a deal and you don't have time to go out and find new clients and that kind of thing?


With this they're out working for you while you're still busy working on the sale of property and that kind of thing. So I'm not always out trying to fill up my pipeline. I've got people calling me.


So that makes it a lot easier. I can see how it would help in Denver.


Smart Agents:


Which books have you put out and have any gotten a better response than others?
Cindy: I have printed the for sale by owner, the expired, the divorce, the improvements to make to your home and I think I have one other ... The secrets of the wealthy home seller. I have my husband take the home improvements, the secrets of the wealth home seller, and the divorce book.
Those are the three that I had him take and leave in all the lobbies because I wanted to keep the for sale by owners because I wanted to start sending letters out to them and the expired. I would say I've gotten right now ... I got one call on the divorce book. I got a couple calls on the improvement and a couple on the home seller books.
Smart Agents:


Nice, that's perfect. We love to hear that. Is there anything else you'd like to add?


It's been really awesome and it's funny because


I'll go into someplace and somebody will say, "You look really familiar." Then they'll go, "Oh, you're the one that has the book." It's    in a small town. Now its starting to kind of ... I can see where it can build.


The more people that are exposed to it ... I think as time goes on ... I think, like I said it's something out there that works for you so you're not always looking to fill your pipeline.



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