The Tale of Two Realtors

It doesn’t take long for clients to notice an agent who isn’t completely prepared.

It works the same way when an agent is clearly prepared.

By Charles White| January 10th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, Client Relations, listings | 0 Comments

Best Online Resources for Agents This Year

As an agent, getting new information, news and tools online is a must. But you can and should be doing more with the web.

By Charles White| January 5th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, resources, tools, online, Online Tools | 0 Comments

Statistics to Head into the New Year

The last few weeks, we've talked about preparing for the next year and making goals, but it's time to actually look at what 2017 could bring. Here are the big

By Charles White| December 20th, 2016 |Categories: Agents, listings, statistics, goals | 0 Comments

Setting Your Goals and Preparing for a New Year

Real estate agents without specific goals don't have the planned out road to take to reach personal and business success. The start of a new year is a great time to review and set goals.

By Charles White| December 13th, 2016 |Categories: Agents, listings, agent, goals, new year | 0 Comments

Agent Tips to Get Ready For 2017

You should have a plan at all times, and right before the new year is a great time to plan out your coming months.

By Charles White| December 6th, 2016 |Categories: 2017, Agents, agnets, listings | 0 Comments

Webinar Replay: A Coaching Call For Your Business

Replay of A Coaching Call For Your Business Training Webinar with Ben Curry

By Smart Agents| December 2nd, 2016 |Categories: Agents | 0 Comments

Luxury Real Estate Tips

You’re driving through a luxury neighborhood. You see a Realtor’s sign in front of a home, then you drive a little further… and see the same agent’s sign again.  Then, you turn a corner and see...

Increasing Your Response Rates

Having a good line of communication with your prospects or clients depends on their responses. Very few will respond to straight up attempts to land their sale or refer you to their friend.

By Charles White| November 28th, 2016 |Categories: Agents, Client Relations, clients, emails | 0 Comments

Thanksgiving Marketing For Agents

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for some holiday marketing. This is the perfect opportunity to say “Thank you!” to your clients and to show yourself in the community to anyone else.

By Charles White| November 21st, 2016 |Categories: agenst, clients, Marketing and Advertising | 0 Comments

Webinar Replay: How To Double Your Business Using Books

Replay of How To Double Your Business Using Books Training Webinar with Ben Curry

By Smart Agents| November 16th, 2016 |Categories: Agents | 0 Comments

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