Case Study: New Realtor Immediately Wins Respect and Listings

Today's interview is with a brand new agent. A former carpenter turned realtor, Jerry immediately was treated like seasoned vet.

What’s Your Real Estate Superpower?

Do you feel powerless in your real estate business?

Are sellers not respecting you?

By Charles White| April 10th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, Leads, real estate | 0 Comments

The Best Way to Become an Authority in Real Estate


How can you prove yourself as an expert in your field and earn the automatic respect from customers and potential customers?

10 Worst Real Estate Photos

Pictures are one of the most important parts of your real estate listing.

If you have bad pictures, your listing is going to get no traction.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Cold Call


We all know how painful cold calling is, but these are the top things that really show it's also outdated.

The average success in cold calling is 1% and the very best is only 3%. There are other...

By Charles White| March 30th, 2017 |Categories: cold calling, cold leads, Leads, prospecting | 0 Comments

Get Divorced Leads from Attorneys and Lenders


Divorced homes are an unnoticed niche in real estate.

It's something we focus on at Smart Agents, with our guide and multiple blogs on finding and addressing the leads.

Case Study: Member Lists 25 Houses

Today's interview is with Steve, a veteran realtor from Florida.

Overcoming Owner’s Excuses to Get Their Listing

A large number of your prospects are going to make excuses to why they don't want to list with you.

If you counter with such a convincing argument, you will win their listing.

Having a...

By Charles White| March 21st, 2017 |Categories: listings, owners, prospecting, sales, objections | 0 Comments

How Did This Realtor Get 5 Easy FSBO Listings?

Today Ben Curry interviewed Ray, a realtor from Illinois's who has been on a roll recently listing FSBOs.

Realtor Dominates Listing Presentations

Today's interview is from Pearl from California.

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