Luxury Seller Was Impressed by Eve's Author Status!

"I'm walking away and he said, 'I like how you do your business.'"

Eve was walking door to door handing out her book when she met a man who had taken his home off the market. He was intrigued by her book and impressed with her approach.

"We listed it for $379,900, which is a really good price in this area. So, we were real pleased."

Listen to her story here, and read her Q&A with our team below.



Smart Agents: How long have you been using the books?

Eve: Since November 2017.

Smart Agents: Which books do you use?

Eve: Selling Secrets You Can’t Afford To Miss, Expireds, Formula To Sell Any Home, How To Sell Your Home Alone, How To Find The Home Of Your Dreams Without Overpaying, 27 Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make And How To Avoid Them, Home Selling Secrets Of The Rich And Famous

Smart Agents: How many books did you give away?  

Eve: I have given away 33 books so far.

Smart Agents: How many listings did you get?

Eve: I have had one successful listing from the books.

Smart Agents: What type of lead did you give the books to?  

Eve: I give the books to both sellers and buyers.

Smart Agents: Which books have been the most successful for you?

Eve: Got to be Expireds.

Smart Agents: What are some of your tactics for handing out and using the books?  

Eve: I seek out “older” expired listings and go knocking on their doors. When they answer, I simply ask if they are (name), and they say yes. Then I say, “I saw on the internet your home was on the market a while back and now it’s not. I wanted to drop off this book for you to see if it might help you.” They always say thank you. Then, I turn and walk back to my car. If they say anything else, I keep moving toward my car while answering them, so as not to seem imposing or pushy. I have also left some at our local automotive mechanic's lobby, doctors offices, etc.

Smart Agents: What else did you do (besides just give them the book)?

Eve: Also, leave on front doors of older expireds if they are not home. I always print off the appropriate letter for the book and use their name. Then, follow up with a notecard after a few days.

Smart Agents: Do you feel like you got more respect from the seller — because you gave them the book?  

Eve: Yes, I do.

Smart Agents: What do you feel has held you back from reaching your business goals in the past?

Eve: Most likely the lack of follow-up on my leads. Working on changing that mindset.

Smart Agents: Do you think the books will help you grow your business in the future?  

Eve: Yes, I believe they will.

Smart Agents: How many listings do you think you’ll be able to get on a monthly basis with the books?  

Eve: That totally depends on how many books I get out there and my follow-up skills.

Smart Agents: What feedback have you gotten from clients about the books?  

Eve: They are pleasantly surprised. One guy said, “I like how you do business!”

Smart Agents: Would you recommend this system to another agent?  

Eve: Yes, already have to agents in other cities. I would prefer to be the only Broker in the city where I work to have these books!



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