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Halloween Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Oct 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Are you looking for a business boost in the fall and winter seasons? Take advantage of the festive mood and do some Halloween marketing! 

Looking for innovative ways to get in front of new leads? What better time is there than Halloween? The whole month of October is an excellent opportunity to appeal to sellers. Not only could they be literally walking up to your door, but holiday marketing is a fun, memorable way to promote your real estate business. It's also a great time to host an event, sponsor an event or give a gift to parents - all ways to solidify your name in the community. 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas. 

Reverse Trick or Treat Your Neighborhood

Farming your neighborhood for leads is an idea we like to teach at Smart Agents. No one should be more familiar with your area than you.

That said, this is a great time to introduce yourself as a local agent to all the homes in your neighborhood. Hand out goody bags, containing a few Halloween treats as well as your contact information.

If you have the opportunity to speak in person, always mention your expertise in the area - and why that means they should call you over another agent who doesn't live nearby.

Not sure what you need to know to be a local expert? We suggest:

  • Complete knowledge of attractions such as shops, schools, etc
  • Understand pricing in that market and buyer demands.
  • Reviews from clients in the area (if you have any).
  • Familiarity with the size of the properties.
  • Knowledge of lifestyle in the area, such as whether it's mostly singles or families.

Giving out branded objects during reverse trick or treating will help potential sellers learn your name. If you have any information on the market, give that to them with the goody bag as well.

No one will turn down useful information with no strings attached.


Partner with a Business for a Halloween Themed Contest

A lot of local restaurants or shops will be indulging in Halloween themes. You could sponsor a contest where people drop their business card into a bowl or hat to win a prize.

That's just one of the many ideas you could go with. A pumpkin pie eating challenge is another idea. Sponsor the contest, and pay for the prize. As a bonus, you'll develop a relationship with the restaurant or business. 

To take that a step further, you could also offer employees a special discount for your services.Then, they should be quick to refer you or let you place signage. We’ve even seen agents with ads on menus or mugs!

This is the type of marketing that brands you to your city. People will start to associate your name with the local places and the town you work in.

Hand Out Information when Families Come Trick or Treat

Don't forget about standard trick or treating! Give out treats with your name and contact information.

Remember that anything you hand out needs to have a call to action on it.

Without this, it's almost pointless to hand out. Try something like: 

Get in touch with me for a free home valuation; it could be worth more than you think.

Or send them to your website for more information.

Attend or Sponsor a Community Event

A lot of neighborhoods, schools or centers will have a trick or treat event or a fall festival event. Take part in it, and give out your treats with marketing information. 

Of course, sponsoring the event is even better.

Have a Social Media Contest

This tactic could grow your social media reach, and for little cost. Offer a gift card to the winner.

A costume contest is a fun idea that we suggest. That way,  you can announce the winner of the contest on your platforms and give out a prize. This is an easy way to get noticed for more than just real estate.

Have everyone submit their pictures with a hashtag.

Then, add all the leads from your contest onto an email list, and ask them if they would like a free home valuation.

Host a "Haunted" Open House

Hosting a themed open house is a fun way to get some people interested in attending. Put up some Halloween decorations and dress up the home.

To let everyone know about it, send out letters or brochures to the neighborhood sharing the address, day, time and other enticing information. 

You might even want to offer door prizes or some incentive for folks to get there early. RealtorThinking about what to give away with the candy? 

The holiday season is a great time to become a member of Authorify by Smart Agents, especially if you want something IMPRESSIVE to hand out with the chocolate and lollipops (and candy canes later). 

Everyone will be accepting of a book, even if they are thinking of selling down the line. Books have a huge perceived value. They don’t get thrown away.

With a book, you will position yourself as the authority in your market. When you give away your book, it will separate you from your competition. That’s how a smart agent thinks!

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