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Dealing With Rude Sellers

Sep 28, 2017 8:08:23 AM

Are rude sellers driving you crazy?

Every agent has dealt with owners like this from time to time. Getting calls at 10 P.M. demanding attention right then and there. How do you deal with it if a seller angrily confronts you?

They may be complaining about high fees or even the status of their sale. You still need to deal with them appropriately and not lose business.

When a transaction takes place with this amount of money on the line, people are not going think calmly at first in a lot of situations.

Realize this is something that you will see and deal with every day. Here are some tips to deal with an angry and rude owner.

The first thing you should do is create boundaries between you and the owner.

This can stop the non-stop phone calls at random times. Say something like, "I know you are going to have a lot of questions. Call me for these each day between 2-4 P.M."

Tell them you are available throughout the day if it is an emergency and if you miss their call you will return it within an hour.

As long as you show the effort and listen to their needs, they'll feel like they are being heard.

That's a huge part of keeping clients happy.

Don’t overload them with advice. Ask open-ended questions. When they respond, repeat key phrases back to them to let them know they’re being heard.

Make sure you know exactly what they meant as well. A lot of times, what they say is not what they meant.

They may be in a high anxiety state about moving to a new community or losing money on the sale of their home and be talking much more aggressively than they mean.

Manage their expectations.

Give the clients a real idea of what the buying or selling process looks like and how you plan to interact with them.

If they understand what it is, they won't get mad when it doesn't happen exactly like they dreamed it would.

If they are mad about the timeline of the sale or any other part of the sale, you should try to transfer the problem over to them.

First off, it's not your fault the house has not sold.

In fact, in most cases, if you're a realtor who's doing a decent job you're probably doing a good job at marketing your listings.

But, most sellers still have this idea of a magical realtor that will automatically sell their home for way, way more than it's worth. And they think that if you haven't reached that valuation, that you're a failure. Little do they know the realities of real estate.

Imagine that you have a house for sale and six buyers have looked at the house but none of those six buyers decided to buy the house. You did your job. You got six buyers to look at that house.

Maybe the master bedroom has a smell and everybody who sees the house thinks it stinks and doesn't want to buy it and until that problem is fixed, the house is not going to sell. It's not your fault.

In addition, it's not your fault that the house just down the road is priced $30,000 less.

Tell the seller about those problems.

dealing_with_rude_sellers_2 Tell them what's wrong.


Remind them of your successes.

Prove to them that you can get them out of whatever situation it is by showing how you did it in the past.

This will put a lot of their fears at rest. Show them specific examples of how your marketing got a home sold.

Stop kicking yourself and start looking at what other agents are doing and show the agent that. You may need a price reduction.

You can't always work miracles with every single house.

You can't control the marketplace. You're just a realtor. You're not Superman. Understand the reality. You're not Superman and neither are any of those top realtors in the area. Often times, they don't sell homes for top dollar.

They just sell a lot more homes. That's one of the dirty little secrets of the real estate business.

You got to be willing to let go of the listing. Just let them go.

"Hey, you know what, I'm sorry this isn't working out. We're not the people to work together. It's not beneficial for us to do business together."

Don't be rude and fire them by saying something offensive. You might not want to do this and lose this listing, but there are times you have to call it quits with people.

I know I've had several sellers drive me nuts and looking back I should have just fired them as a customer. I know that sounds pretty harsh but they were very selfish people.

I have fired some clients before and here's what's really funny. At the end of the day, the next realtor who sold their house actually ended up selling it for a much lower price that I had it listed for and once you've been in the business for a little while, you'll see this happen over and over and over again.

Crazy sellers driving you nuts, screaming at you, accusing you of not doing your job and then they hire another realtor. Then they actually end up selling for much less money than you would have been able to get them or the offers that you got them.

Understand the reality. Your job is to do the absolute best job that you can do but your job is not to work miracles for unreasonable sellers.

What do you think? Post your comments below on what you recommend and one other thing you can do is stop spending time trying to work miracles.

Another way to avoid this is to find quality sellers. What if you had sellers that were forced to sell? Not only that, you could be helping them out.

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