Christine Found a Savvy Way to Use Her Books!


"I've been calling them, 'Savvy Seminars for Homeowners.'"

Not only does Christine hand out her books, but she also hosts events to promote them to the public. 

Christine and her team invite members of the public to learn more about their business and home-selling strategies, then hand out the books.

"And, last time, which was just last Wednesday, we had 14 people come, and they all were interested in selling their homes. So, it's really kind of been really successful for me."

Hear more about her unique strategy below. You can find more success stories on our YouTube page! 


Smart Agents: When did you start using the Smart Agent books?

Christine: I'm not exactly sure. I'm driving, but I can look it up. I think it was February or March. February, probably.

Smart Agents: You've been distributing them since then?

Christine: Yes.

Smart Agents: All right. Would you tell me which books you've been using.

Christine: The business card book, mostly. I do have the buying books, but it's mostly the business card book.

Smart Agents: Those are the ones that you've been getting most success from, the business card book?

Smart Agents: How many books have you given out so far?

Christine: Gosh, I don't know. Again, I can check that when I get home. I'm driving, so I'm not sure, but I would say oh, I don't know. 50.

Smart Agents: That's no problem. Have you gotten any listings since you started giving out the books?

Christine: I haven't gotten any listings, but I've gotten appointments.

Smart Agents: How has that worked out?

Christine: Nothing has turned into a listing yet.

Smart Agents: Would you tell me how you give out the books? What tactics do you use to give out the books?

Christine: I've had some selling seminars where I am the guest speaker, along with some of my team members, and we call them Savvy Selling Strategies, and I've been giving them out at my selling strategies seminar. My new batch of books, I actually changed the title a little bit to coincide with the seminars that I'm having that have been very successful. The name of my book now is Savvy Selling Strategies and then I also have Savvy Selling Strategies seminars. That has been going very well. Plus, I wrote a press release about that I have published a new book and I got some interest with that and also I give them out at open houses and offer them through social media and things of that nature.

Smart Agents: All right, and when you get some reaction after you've given out the books, what are some of the follow-up tactics that you use?

Christine: Well, any way I possibly can. By email, by phone call, if I have their email, then I put them on my weekly newsletter and I follow them on social media and try to keep in contact with them as much as I can.

Smart Agents: All right, so you've mentioned that you've not gotten a listing yet, but you find the books to be successful. Would you tell me what kind of success you've gained from the books?

Christine: Well, again just a lot of exposure from it. People have called and they have requested the book and many are thinking about selling. I just haven't sold any homes yet or gotten a listing yet, but I think I'm going to. Yeah, they've been great for, again, exposure and notoriety and things like that.

Smart Agents: Do you feel like you get more respect from the sellers because you give them the books?

Christine: Yes.

Smart Agents: Would you tell me what kind of feedback you've been receiving from the books? Once you give out the books to the clients, what kind of feedback do they give you?

Christine: It's all positive, and they said it's very helpful.

Smart Agents: All right. That's perfect.

Christine: Everybody who has replied to me about the books said that they enjoyed it and they found it helpful.

Smart Agents: All right. That's perfect. A little bit about your goals. Do you have any goals you've set for your business? For instance, do you have a number of listings that you look forward to getting every month?

Christine: It's different every month. I don't have a particular number in my mind, no. I don't. I probably should, but I don't. I'm somewhat of a new agent.

Smart Agents: Do you feel like the books will help you grow your business in the future?

Christine: Yes, definitely.

Smart Agents: All right. You've mentioned a few tactics that you've used so far to give out the books. Is there any tactic that you feel that you haven't utilized right now, but you would want to utilize in the future?

Christine: Yes, I've been thinking about going to some of our local shops, and I just bought a couple of ... I wish you guys had plastic book displays because I'm trying to find the perfect one on Amazon or something to display my books and offer them in local shops, that they can give out for free. Yeah, I think that would be really great. I'm sure other people would buy them, too, if they're inexpensive and they fit the books correctly, it would be a great add-on.

Smart Agents: Yes, all right, so one last question. Would you recommend the Smart Agent system to other agents?

Christine: Yes, I have recommended it to other agents. To everybody on my team, I've recommended it. 


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