The 5 Key Habits That Separate Top Agents From Average Agents

This post will highlight five habits every top earning agent has in common

These five things are pretty straightforward. Most likely, you’re actively implementing some of these habits already — but it never hurts to see how and where the leaders in an industry focus their time and money.

Surveys show that the number one thing that top agents do to separate themselves from the pack is (no surprise here) marketing.

1. Top Earning Agents Focus on Self-Marketing

Active social media accounts and blogs that deliver useful, actionable information are a huge part of overall marketing success. On average, top agents spend $6 for every $1 the average-sales-making-Realtor does on their marketing program.

They’re highly visible across all the right media channels and platforms, resulting in increased leads and sales.

In other words, the top agents of the world understand that in order to generate business, they must first generate (and maintain) a reputation and an “expert persona.”

Marketing through Social Media- Twitter, Linkedin and popular blogging platforms is one way top agents ensure their success.  

Carefully planned and consistently updated posts and articles mean exposure and proof of an agent’s “expert status.”  Most top agents post daily on multiple platforms. Presenting information that’s helpful and relevant to the ideal client often seals the deal.

Social media also provides a chance to interact with your customers and sphere of influence, increasing the likelihood of recommendations and/or positive reviews that pack a punch. (anytime an “expert” shares a positive review, you have a super-charged piece of effective marketing!)

Referrals are a HUGE source of income for the well-connected top agents, and social media makes them much easier to get, especially when the right platforms are packed with fresh, exciting content.

Online Video and Youtube

Top agents are over 75% more likely than their less successful counterparts to market themselves using video. This media outlet is clearly an effective marketing tool that reaps the rewards for those savvy enough to implement it in their marketing efforts. *Including video in emails doubles the click-through rate and reduces opt-outs by 75%.

2. Top Earning Agents are Experts in Their Area. 

These folks demonstrate a deep and thorough understanding of the “local flavor.” If Sam the Seafood Man — the well-known proprietor of a favorite townie restaurant — runs a fish special Friday nights, odds are, the top agents in the area will be able to tell you whether it’s salmon or tilapia.

An appreciation of the local culture and tone, as well as history and politics is something top agents can authentically demonstrate.

A fact which helps clients relate to them — increasing the likelihood of referrals.

Think about sailing on any old pirate ship, or sailing with Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, both ships are going to the same place. But only one has that extra pirate with a hundred and one stories about sailing the seven seas.

Top agents are not only knowledgeable about local pricing, financial developments and solutions, but of the special fingerprint their community leaves on the world around them.

If you aren’t in touch with the unique local history, flavor, and population demographics’, then find somebody who is in touch with it. Set up a lunch date with them. And then you can start to develop a better picture of what motivates your community, who lives there, and what they like and dislike about residing in the area.

3.Top Earning Agents are Price Wizards. 

Any agent can tell you a story (or one-hundred and eighty-three) about the rude Price-Monster and how he marched right in and destroyed a sale before it even had the chance to tie its shoes and put up a fight.

Pricing is one of the biggest challenges agents face. Constantly wondering whether the sale or offer price is too high or too low is not something top agents do.

Due to the previously mentioned local affinity as well as a thorough understanding of the current market and developing trends, top agents know how to arrive at the correct number every time.

They are confident regarding their figures and can clearly explain the process and reasoning behind them, which gives their clients confidence too.

4.Top Earning Agents Hire Professional Photographers

Sure, your brother-in-law got a really nice camera for Christmas, but unless he’s running a business on the photos it takes, he’s not the man for the job.

Besides a super professional headshot, top agents rely on their photographers to take stunning and compelling images of the real estate they’re listing.

Not only do they understand the importance of quality pictures to help potential buyers see what they’re looking for, they know that listings presented using professional photography are more likely to generate showings and lead to potential sales.

Whatever the cost of hiring a professional photographer, top agents have learned that it more than pays for itself in the end.

5.Top Earning Agents Have Stellar Websites.

In today’s day and age of technology for the masses, there’s a Youtube tutorial for just about everything from “How to milk a cow” to “How Not to Get Dumped.”

It’s tempting to think that you can create your own website and save a few bucks. It seems simple, right? Just just follow all the he many different suggestions and videos online. Well, unless you’re SUPER tech-savvy, it’s not a good idea.

Sure, it’s hard when you’re starting out to spend a lot. But, in this case, it is absolutely the wisest course of action to hire a professional to set up your website for you.

Top agents work with professional web developers in order to have a website that looks, acts and performs like a professional website! IDX listings, portfolio appearance, page navigation, etc. All of these things (and more) matter to a prospective client.

Here’s one thing that can be difficult for any agent to figure out how to use effectively: TIME.

Here's how Top Agents use their time more effectively than the average agent.

We all get the same 24 hours… how can we manage them to their greatest potential? Is it a surprise that top agents are over 10x more likely to use an assistant to help him/her use their valuable time in the most productive way possible?

A Virtual Assistant will get you more listings than you’ve been getting on your own, and you’ll finally have enough TIME to spend on keeping your marketing strategy fresh and exciting with current posts, video presentations, and social media interaction! With top agents investing over 75% more on self-promotion than the average agent, having more time to invest in your marketing plan is definitely working smart.

Want to learn how a Virtual Assistant can free up more of your time? Click the link below.


avatar_joe Joe Nickelson is a real estate professional dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers achieve their dreams of owning property, and helping real estate agents stop using the sometimes-vicious tactics that weigh on their consciences. He believes that the Smart Agents books will, quite literally, change people’s lives for the better. Check out his full bio here

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