How Tim Got 8 Listings in 4 Months - Using Books

We just talked to Tim in California. He’s gotten 8 listings in the last 4 months from the real estate books.

The books have helped Tim get better results from every part of his business:

  • He’s listing more Expireds because they remember him as the agent that sent them the book.
  • He’s winning more of his listing presentations.
  • He’s converting more of his house value leads into a listing.
  • And, he’s had great success using the books at open houses. Buyers come in and they think, "Man, this guy's got it together. He has his own book."


Full Interview:

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Here is the Transcript of the Full Interview.

Smart Agents: Last time I talked to you, you kind of just started and were having success, but I saw that you had a bunch more success with the books and everything else.

Tim:  Yeah, I mean I'm getting them out there. Still kind of getting them out to my sphere, doing three or four a day, but yeah, I've gotten lots of positive feedback and some good success with them.

Smart Agents: How many listings have you had in the last three or four months with the books, since the last time I talked to you? And either buyers or sellers if you've been working with both.

Tim: So in the last four months I've probably done eight listings. The books have been part of every single listing presentation, and typically what I do is if it's someone I don't know, it's a cold lead, I send out a pre-listing packet with the business card book.

And then when I come to the listing appointment, I bring the book "How to Sell Your Home for More Money," and I kind of just set that on the table while we're talking. And at some point, everyone has asked "What's the new book?" And so I tell them that "If you list with me, this book will help you prepare the house to sell."

Smart Agents: And what leads are you going after?

Tim: I do lots of door hangers, things like that, in different neighborhoods. So people are contacting me for an estimate of value, and whenever I send out an estimate, I always include a book with the packet.

Smart Agents: And what about the buyer business that you've been working with? Where are you getting the leads from, and how are you using the books for them?

Tim: I do a lot of open houses, and I always have both my buyer and seller books out on the table with a sign that says "Take One." And inevitably every open house, if I get 20 people through I'm probably giving away four or five books.

The fun thing at the open houses is when an agent comes through with their client. And I've had a couple of agents make comments about ... Asking me if I ... Wow, I've written a book. And I always thinks it's kind of funny that they say something. They seem so surprised, when their clients are standing there with them. Like, "Man, this guy's got it together. He has his own book."

Smart Agents: And what other ways ... Any other ways you've been giving them out, or any specific stories that would be interesting to talk about?

Tim: You know, I just started with the divorce book, sending copies out to local divorce attorneys. That I just started, haven't heard any feedback yet, but I'm expecting it. And I basically sent them a copy of the book and letting them know that "Hey, I have this resource for you. If you think it would be helpful to your clients, feel free to contact me and I'll send you a few more books."

I have the expired book. Haven't been as diligent with those. We don't have a ton of expireds in my area, but the few that I've sent out, I actually have gone on listing appointments from the book. Again, it just seems to set you apart from everyone else.

Smart Agents: Yeah, that's what we like to hear, and if you actually use them to ... The main thing is to get them out there, keep getting them out there.

Tim: That's it, yeah. I mean, it's great to have the book, but unless you're pumping them to the public ... And that's why I bought so many books at one time. I think I bought about 1,300 books, because I don't want to feel like I have to make a decision on whether or not I want to hand the book out because I only have 20 copies of one book. I'll get three or four hundred copies of one book, so there's no discussion in the head, it's like "Here. Here's the book."

Smart Agents: All right. And so I've got a question about expireds. One of my next blogs, it's called "A Tale of Two Expired" and it's just a story about the way not to and the way to go after an expired. What's your routine for that?

Tim: I typically will mail out a packet. If there's a phone number involved on the MLS, I might call a day or so later just to follow up and say "Hey, I sent you a packet of information. If you're still interested in selling, feel free to give me a call. By the way, the packet I sent you, I'm the guy with the book." And they always go "Oh yeah, I remember you."

Tim: You know, I would say just ... You have to use the book. Don't get them and let them sit around. Pump them out to the public. I literally treat them almost as a business card, and give them away as freely as that.

Can you see how the books helped Tim get better results from every part of his business? He’s gotten such good results that he ordered 1,300 books.

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