Best Email Practices

Email Marketing can be a big lead source, just as long as you use the right techniques when using your email list.

Take a Unique Approach to Win Expired Listings

They’ve already “been there, done that", you’ve got to do something different to stand out!

Listing Appointment Ideas for Winning More Listings

Most real estate listing presentations are boring, ineffective, or even worse terrible at converting prospects into listings.

Know Thy Customer & Get More Listings

Do you know your “ideal” customer when you see him?

By Charles White| February 5th, 2016 |Categories: prospecting | 0 Comments

Ten Commandments of Smart Agents

Why do listings come easily to some agents while others struggle to find leads, set appointments, and close deals?

By Charles White| February 3rd, 2016 |Categories: prospecting | 3 Comments

17 Ways to Find Listings With NO Prospecting

Tap the overlooked niches in your market for more listings…No prospecting needed!

By Charles White| January 25th, 2016 |Categories: prospecting | 0 Comments

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