3 Tools That Make It Easy To Get Listings

Have you ever struggled to get listings? You may be like Paul.

By Charles White| July 10th, 2017 |Categories: Leads, members | 0 Comments

A Tale of Two Expireds

Reaching out to leads is a delicate process. Especially expireds.

By Charles White| July 7th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, expireds, Leads, relations | 0 Comments

Realtor Gets Divorce Leads and Listings from Divorce Attorney

This week I talked with Sharon, a member, who I interviewed before. She's been having consistent success with her licensed books but she recently starting working with a divorce attorney.

5 Ways To Convince Owners Not To Listen to Zillow

I bet you're not a fan of Zillow. Most agents aren't. For good reason.

Watch How To Find Leads Your Competition Won't

Case Study: New Member Doubles Business Using Books

This week I spoke with Jamie, who's been a realtor for less than 10 months.

By Charles White| June 20th, 2017 |Categories: books, case study, Leads, members, FSBO, interview | 0 Comments

Through the Eyes of an Expired Owner

What does an expired owner see, think and hear when his listing expireds?

Of course, they are bombarded by agents.

By Charles White| June 13th, 2017 |Categories: Agents, clients, expireds, Leads | 3 Comments

Finding Vacant Real Estate Leads

This is one of the least competitive niches.

How Virtual Assistants Can Get You Listings

What is the number one thing holding most agents back from success?

It’s all the small work they have to do.

10 Ways to be the Authority

Being a realtor is a crowded business. This is why we talk about standing out so much here at Smart Agents.

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