How Did This Realtor Get 5 Easy FSBO Listings?

Today Ben Curry interviewed Ray, a realtor from Illinois's who has been on a roll recently listing FSBOs.

Agent Wins Listing Using Smart Agents' Tool - Despite Competing Against Top Team

This week we spoke with Chris, an experinced realtor. He's currently having success with the books, especially in the expired market. He's listing 4-5 homes a month with them.

In this interview...

What to Ask Expired Listings

Expireds are great targets to prospect. They're motivated sellers.

Take a Unique Approach to Win Expired Listings

They’ve already “been there, done that", you’ve got to do something different to stand out!

3 Ways To Stand Out When Listing Expireds

How To Lists Lots Of Expireds By Standing Out From The Competition

The most important thing is to be different from the competition. This way, sellers will notice. It can cause someone to stand...

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