The Secret of the #1 Real Estate Team in the Country

There is a real estate team in America that is the number one team according to Real Trends Magazine.

They've been one of the top teams for the last five years.

This team has a secret advantage over their competition.

Their secret isn't that they're the best salespeople. In fact, they're not incredible salesmen.

Their advantage is not that they know more people than anyone else in their marketplace.

They don't know a lot of people, and they haven't been in business for that long.

Not as long as some of the other top realtors in their marketplace.

They aren't in a huge, huge market with 5 million, or 10 million people.

It's the opposite.

They're in a small Midwestern city with less than 300,000 people in the metropolitan area.

This team's secret is that they know who is going to be selling their house before anyone else in their marketplace knows.

They know who is going to be selling their house before their competition does. They know before the top realtor does.

And before the realtor that prospects for three hours every single day to FSBOs and expireds does.

This team doesn't have to deal with competition.

They don't have to deal with those newbie realtors getting in the business stealing their customers, stealing their referrals.

They don't have to deal with the hundreds and hundreds of other realtors that call an expired 100 times whenever the listing expires.

Here's how this works.

This team listed this house right here with no competition.

No one contacted the seller before they put their home on the market.

In fact, nobody contacted this seller at all.

They just listed their house with this team. The owner didn't list with the top team because they were the best or the biggest.

They listed it because the top team reached out to them asking how they could help them sell their house, and nobody else did.

Contrast that with the average expired.

The average expired is like this. Their listing expires then they get 100+ phone calls from all the desperate realtors trying to get their listing.

In fact, we recently saw a news article where so many realtors called an expired that the expired reached out to the local TV station and complained.

Hundreds of realtors called and left messages or called and asked for the listing when their house expired, but that didn't happen with that listing that this team got.

Because all of their competition is busy chasing the expireds, FSBOs and other hot leads, rather than worrying about all of the motivated seller leads that this team is finding.

While your competition focuses on all the hot leads, you can sneak in and capture these leads.

Think about playing capture the flag. Everybody is paying attention to the action.

You can sneak in and get the listing because nobody else is looking at what you're doing.

I'm sure you're wondering if this is such a great opportunity and this team is able to sell over 1,000 homes a year, why isn't everybody else copying their strategy?

Nobody else is copying their strategy because they're too focused on other things.

They're too focused on being a superstar salesperson, handling objections, coming up with the perfect FSBO objection, the perfect expired objection, the perfect why haven't you sold homes in my area objection.

They're all practicing their objections and role playing every single day.

They're focusing on prospecting for three hours a day. Focusing on the absolute best leads. The perfect FSBO script. The perfect expired script, and the perfect way to say when do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home.

They're worried about downswings and upswings instead of focusing on how to get listings with no competition.

Most realtors have never stopped and thought about all of the other listing opportunities that are available for someone that wants to get listings.

Here's how you can copy what this top team is doing in your marketplace.

Find obscure lead sources that nobody else is thinking about, for example, old expireds.

Right here in Jacksonville, Florida, there are 3,000 old expireds from the last two years in the highest priced area of town, the beaches.

If you look at the three beach area communities of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, there are over 3,000 old expireds in the area from the last two years.

People's whose house expired in 2015 still want to sell.

If you were to contact them today, some of those people would be interested in selling.

You can contact them and list their house with no competition.

The best way to find those leads is to use a service like the REDX and upload the old expireds into the REDX.

The REDX will check and make sure the old expired has not been relisted and has not sold. It will also research their phone numbers and mailing addresses so you can contact them and see if they're interested in selling their house today.

Another great opportunity for listing obscure leads is with inherited homes.

Over one million homes are inherited each year, and a lot of those people are interested in selling their house.

Divorce listings are another niche you can attack.

Another great opportunity for listings is divorced homes. 61% of all the people who get a divorce list their house with their realtor within one year of filing for divorce.

Over 700,000 people every single year sell their house with a realtor as a result of getting a divorce.

You could also tap into vacant homes.

These are homes where nobody is living in the house. You can market to them, and over one million people sell their house each year because it's a vacant home and they need to sell it.

You can also tap into people that are behind on their property taxes. 17% of all the people that are behind on their property taxes sell their home each year, and a lot of these are high-end homes.

The best part about these listings is they don't have a mortgage.

They're forced to sell their house by the government to pay off their delinquent property tax debt.

Another great opportunity is pre-foreclosures.

Right here in Jacksonville, Florida, 714 pre-foreclosures filed in the last three months.

That is less than the number of pre-foreclosures that happened at the peak in 2009 and 2010, but that's still a lot of foreclosures, and hardly anybody is marketing to those people.

You could also list homes that scheduled for a foreclosure auction. You can find the list of properties that are up for a foreclosure on your local courthouse website.

A lot of these people are very motivated to sell.

You can often go to the courthouse website and find out the property value and the amount owed for the foreclosure.

Here's a video on finding vacant, divorced and tax leads.

Another great opportunity for listings is rentals that want to sell.

For example, let's imagine a seller needed to sell their house in 2013, but they couldn't sell it because they were upside down.

Instead of selling, they decided to rent their house out in 2013. The tenant moved out a year ago, and they rented the house out again.

You could contact them today and ask them if they're interested in selling their house once the tenant moves.

A good way to find these leads is just to simply log into your MLS and look for homes that got rented out eight to twelve months ago.

Then contact the owner to see if they would be interested in selling once the tenant moves out.

Once you've got your leads, you can go through any of these leads and contact them about listing their house.

Here's what I've discovered is the best way to list these houses. First, send them something of value. You can send them a letter. You can send them a book.

You can send them any material value, and then about a week later follow-up with a phone call.

Because you've sent them something of value with your name on it and maybe your picture they already know about you, they'll be very open to talking to you.

This is not a cold call. Instead of a cold call, this is what I would call a warm call.

If you'd like to get a sample of the book that you could send to them to get the conversation started about selling their house, then click the link below.

You can buy a copy of the book for $1. Check it out and see the type of book that you could send out to sellers as a sample to get the conversation started about selling their house.


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